We offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation to help you assess your options.

Assessment Meetings (Mediation & Assessment Meeting/MIAMs):

Individual meeting £125

There is a charge of £35 in the event that you require the Court forms to be signed by us e.g. a Form A, C100 form or FM1 form)


Mediation Sessions:

£165 per person, per hour

Sessions are 90 minutes each so the fee is £165 each


Mediation Documentation:

Mediation summary fees – £150 per person, per document

Mediation summaries are detailed documents which include the following:

Open Financial Statement

This records details of your income, assets and debts that you will have shared in mediation. These will have formed the basis of your discussions and any proposals you are making. This summary is not a legally privileged document and the details in it are regarded as open information which may be used in court.

Memorandum of Understanding

This is a summary of the proposals reached during mediation. It will usually include the following information: background and history to your matter, your aims, arrangements for the children, child support, financial information (including your incomes, assets, pensions, debts, financial plans on separation), your plans in relation to the preparation of will and the date you would like your agreement to take effect. The document will also set out how you would like to deal with any disagreements which may arise in the future. Finally, the document will set out a summary of your proposals.


Other mediation documentation fees:

£100 per person, per document

Such documentation includes the following:

1. Outcome Statement

This is a document setting out your joint proposals.

2. Interim Proposal

This document sets out the discussions which have taken place and what each of you has proposed. It is useful to have this document to take to your solicitors (where appropriate) so that you may obtain your own independent legal advice before deciding on how you wish to proceed.


Fees are charged per person. You can share the fees between you in any way you agree.

Kindly note that we do require cleared funds no less than five days before your appointment with us.

There is generally no charge for routine letters or telephone calls.